Comprehensive orientation is provided as well as ongoing in-service training and enrichment opportunities. We provide comfort care as opposed to acute care. Quality patient and family care come first. Our patients and their families are treated with utmost respect and compassion. Manageable caseloads allow staff to provide more time and individualized care to each patient.

Being Part of a Team

Hospice is a unique nursing discipline that allows nurses to “treat the patient and not the disease.” Both inpatients and outpatients are served by an interdisciplinary team. A certified social worker, RN, C.N.A., bereavement counselor, chaplain, and volunteers assist in providing a holistic approach to patient care. We strive for best practices, open communication and a caring and positive work environment. To accomplish this we have high performance expectations of our staff. All staff are expected to participate in one of our Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QA/PI) program teams.

CWHTP runs an Outpatient Hospice Program where services are provided in the patient’s home M-F from 8am-5pm. An RN is on-call after business hours for urgent needs. Outpatient RNs carry a manageable caseload of 4 to 8 patients each with an average of 15 to 20 home visits per week. Outpatient RN’s work shifts for 3 weeks and on the 4th week they take call after business hours. We provide this staff with cell phones so that they are not housebound while on-call. The average number of calls per week varies but is manageable giving the nurses the opportunity to “rejuvenate”. On occasion an inpatient RN will take call.

The Charles M. and Cara Lou Chapman and the Kloefkorn Hospice Homes provide a “home-like” atmosphere that was designed to provide an environment that simulates a home rather than an institution. Our inpatient RN’s serve as charge nurses. Because we are providing comfort care as opposed to acute care, our patients receive a complete assessment weekly as opposed to every shift. Staff to patient ratio is very manageable. 12 ½ hour shifts run from 7:00-7:30. An inpatient full-time nursing employee works 3 shifts per week. A part-time nursing employee works two shifts per week, occasionally one or more if need arises.

Inpatient Staff Scheduling – Inpatient staff “self-schedules” to cover necessary shifts. The staff is split into three (3) groups that rotate monthly scheduling first. While individual staff may gravitate toward one shift or the other, we cannot promise that employees can always work exactly what they want. The CWHTP hospice homes are 24/7 so all shifts must be covered. It is expected that all employees will schedule fairly to share the responsibility for covering nights, days, holidays and weekends.

Administrative Staff

From billing and medical records to bookkeeping and direct support staff, our administrative team is instrumental in supporting the quality care received by our patients. Full-time administrative team members typically work M-F, 8am-5pm.

Mandatory Meetings and Education

  • Monthly staff meetings are required of full and part-time employees
  • Monthly Quality Assurance, Performance Improvement Team participation is required
  • Annual “Competency Days” – full training day to build skills and prove competencies
  • Some continuing education is provided as required by licensure

Your Help Would Make a Difference

Central Wyoming Hospice & Transitions (CWHTP) depends upon donations from individuals and businesses, as well as grants and fundraisers to offset the ever increasing gap between third party reimbursements and the actual costs of providing services.

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