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Inpatient Hospice

central-wyoming-hospice-exteriorCentral Wyoming Hospice & Transitions homes are state-of-the-art medical facilities that have been designed with a home-like atmosphere. Our homes provide a warm and comforting atmosphere where we provide 24-hour end of life care per the patient’s wishes.

The homes are laid out with welcoming spaces, like a family-style kitchen and dining room, living rooms, reading rooms, a central courtyard with gardens, and children’s play areas for socializing with other patients and visiting with friends and family.

At our homes, a dedicated team of nurses, social workers, hospice aides, chaplains, and volunteers provide medical care, assistance with personal care, compassion, and support for family. We also offer medical equipment and supplies, medications related to the terminal diagnosis, bereavement counseling, education and companionship.

Admission to the Inpatient Unitcentral-wyoming-hospice-interior

All patients served in the Inpatient Unit have been certified by a physician to have a prognosis of less than six months. Admittance to the Inpatient Unit is not on a first come first serve basis. Hospice prioritizes patients for admission by assessing their clinical, home, and family/caregiver status. Safety issues in the patient’s home and/or care giving concerns are considered prior to admission. Natrona and Converse County residents always have priority, but out of county/state patients are welcomed when beds are available.

Patients may be admitted to the Inpatient Unit directly from home or a hospital. Occasionally patients are moved to the Inpatient Unit from assisted living facilities or skilled nursing facilities. However, with the patient already being in a safe/stable environment, they are not as high of a priority. Our facility has ten patient suites. Seven are designated as general inpatient (GIP) level of care and three are designated for residential level of care.

  1. General Inpatient (GIP) Level of Care
  2. Residential Level of Care
  3. Respite Care

Description of Suites

From hand-sewn quilts to bird feeders outside the windows, each suite is decorated to provide the warmth and comfort of home. Rooms includes a bedroom area for the patient that includes a bed, nightstand, private telephone, a recliner, and an armoire. Wi-Fi, TV and cable service are available for entertainment. Additionally, electronic tablets for music and/or email are available on request. All suites have private bathrooms complete with walk-in showers with a bench seat.

During your stay, your suite is your home. Patients and families are encouraged to bring personal items to decorate their room. There are no set visiting hours and families are welcome to stay the night.Who Pays for Inpatient Hospice Care?

central-wyoming-hospice-volunteersWhat should I bring to the Inpatient Unit?

  • Medicaid/Medicare/Insurance cards (including pharmacy cards)
  • Copies of Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney and/or POLST
  • Medications (only current meds in original bottle, if none are available Inpatient Unit will order)
  • Personal items for patients (clothes, glasses, dentures, pictures, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Drinks and snacks for family to have while they visit

Paying and Insurance

Payment sources for Inpatient Unit include Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and private pay; however, no one is refused admittance based on inability to pay. Patients and their families are encouraged to call their insurance provider with questions about coverage.

Advanced Directive

An advanced directive is a document that instructs your doctor and your family of your wishes concerning end-of-life decisions. An advanced directive may also appoint someone to make your health care decisions for you if you are unable to make them yourself.
An advanced directives form is available here.

An advanced directives form is available here.

Your Help Would Make a Difference

Central Wyoming Hospice & Transitions (CWHTP) depends upon donations from individuals and businesses, as well as grants and fundraisers to offset the ever increasing gap between third party reimbursements and the actual costs of providing services.

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