How will I know when my loved one may be ready for hospice care?

Sometimes the burden of treatment outweighs the benefit. Maybe there have been multiple trips to the hospital. Perhaps you have just seen an overall decline in your loved one. Any of these situations may be the first sign that it is time to call Central Wyoming Hospice. If this is a question, please call us. We may not be what you need right now, but we may be able to connect you with the community resources that you do need.

Does choosing hospice mean that I am giving up on my loved one?

No, hospice is just a shift in the way you look at the goal of your medical care. If treatment is no longer wanted--or it isn't working--hospice provides a way for people to live in comfort, peace and dignity. Hospice isn't about giving up, but about improving the quality of the patient's life by being free of pain, surrounded by family, and in the comfort of home.

Will hospice stop all my medications?

Your hospice nurse will review your medication list with you and decide what is most
important to make you comfortable. We may also introduce new medications to help keep you relaxed and pain-free. As family input is the driving force behind the most effective plan of care, you and your loved ones will always be a part of this process.

Can I keep my doctor if I choose hospice?

We understand that the relationship that you have with your provider is an important one. Our team of nurses will work with your doctor to ensure you get the best care. You can even continue to visit your provider if you would like.

Can my loved one have hospice services if they live in a nursing home or assisted living?

Yes, we can provide hospice care in any assisted living facilities and contracted nursing homes. Nursing homes focus on routine daily care and rehabilitation. By adding hospice, you will receive additional specialized support from hospice nurses, home health aides, chaplains, social workers, and volunteers who focus on the end-of-life needs of the patient and family.

Does insurance cover hospice?

Medicare Part A and Medicaid cover 100% of hospice services. We also work with the Veterans Administration and private insurance to make sure you get the care you need. Depending on your needs, inpatient care may include a standard room and board charge for caregiving. However, we will work with all families. At the end of life, you should be able to focus on the things that matter most-and not be worrying about money. No one is ever turned away for the inability to pay.