Facing end-of-life issues or rebuilding a life after death can be one of the hardest things with which an individual, family or loved one must contend. We are here to help with that part of the journey as well. We understand that grief comes in many forms and is unique to every individual. It is also a normal and a natural response to loss. It can affect a person's daily activities, routines, relationships and the way someone lives.

Central Wyoming Hospice & Transitions offers a grief support system led by Grief Coordinator, Todd von Gunten. Our grief services are available to the general public as well as our hospice families at no charge.

What Grieving People Want You to Know About "Being There" for Them

  • Educational material on grief & mourning
  • Grief support groups
  • Individual & family grief counseling
  • Kids Grief Camp

For more information contact our Grief Coordinator, Todd von Gunten at (307) 577-4832 or by email at Toddv@cwhp.org.